Finally Admitting to a Surprising Blessing

Things a mother never planned on sometimes becomes a huge help!

Things a mother never planned on sometimes becomes a huge help!

I can’t

I can’t even

I can’t even say it

That thing that no mom wants to admit to

That every mother sets out to avoid

Rules say no

Desperate need says yes.

Those days during a fight with childhood cancer

Where your body bears the imprint of that lovely hospital parent chair/bed thing

When you’ve read the book four times

When there’s no energy for games

Can this be considered a blessing

When it goes against every mothering plan you ever had

When you can quote them and

Hear the songs in your head

Until you want to scream

But it’s a relief

To see him laugh or at least smile

and to avoid thoughts that creep up on me


Yes, I can

Yes, I can say it

Praise God for children’s movies

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  • This cracks me up, Carol! I confess that every time our girls were sick and had to stay home from school, we let them watch the entire Sarah, Plain and Tall movie series. I could probably quote lines from those, too! Blessings absolutely come from odd places (and I think God has a sense of humor about our preconceived ideas of protecting our children from TV 😉 ).
    Anita Ojeda recently posted…Learning to Love From the Center of Who I AmMy Profile

  • So sorry for what you’ve had to go through with your little one.
    Sarah recently posted…31 Jesus-Benefits: Not Just Good IntentionsMy Profile

  • Praise God indeed! LOL!
    Robyn recently posted…Remote AssignmentMy Profile