Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers

Family, in times of crisis, extends well beyond those related by blood. Our family was blessed by so many!

Family, in times of crisis, extends well beyond those related by blood. Our family was blessed by so many!

This has to be the easiest Five-Minute Friday prompt we’ve ever had AND it ties into my #write31days theme of unexpected blessings during caregiving.  I’m supposed to only write for five minutes, but I’ve had so many years of stocking up precious moments. Ready?  Set?  Go!

Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers

Family has to be one of the biggest blessings one can count when it comes time to tally the number of blessings God has bestowed in the midst of the crisis of a catastrophic situation.

Family who visited or sent gifts, who donated blood in my child’s honor, who read books and watched stupid movies with a four-year-old needing entertainment.  Family who cleaned my house or did my laundry, who took care of the kids NOT being treated for leukemia or fed the dog when we were gone too long.

Family who sent money from over-time checks and who cooked meals designed to entice a nauseous boy.  Family who prayed unceasingly and asked about not only the sick one’s health, but about the health of the rest of us as well.

Family who covered a day of work, bought a gas gift card or took us out to eat in the hospital cafeteria. Family who kicked us out of the hospital room for a shopping trip while they settled in to play games with the patient or who sat quietly by, drinking hospital coffee and passing the time during a 9 hours chemo treatment.

Family who called every Friday, without fail, to see how I was handling things and family who went on walks and listened to my fears and took pictures when I was afraid to immortalize those scary medical moments.

Family who cared, comforted, loved, laughed and lived with us through the whole entire process of caregiving and family who STILL ask us how things are going and who STILL lift us up in prayer and who even read our blog posts to see how life is going.

You’ve guessed it.  Our family isn’t all blood related, but those kin and friend ties that are cemented during a time of crisis (especially a long term medical fight) are FAMILY!

And FAMILY is the biggest, best-est, amazing-est blessing to a scared, tired and stressed out caregiver!

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  • You nailed this one. Amen, amen, and AMEN!!!!!
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 64 – Family, Untied {MF}My Profile

  • First of all, I’m so sorry your son had leukemia. I can’t imagine facing anything scarier as a mom. Second, I loved where you took this post. There are different definitions of family. I thought about going that direction too, tonight. 🙂 I love that God surrounded you with such an amazing community! I’m so glad you had family who showed up and helped you through such a difficult season.

    I hope that, as friends face those terrible situations, I can be that kind of “family” to them too.
    Jeanne Takenaka recently posted…Family: The Importance of GraceMy Profile

  • Tara

    Yes yes yes! LOVED THIS POST! I hope all care givers experience these blessings. I’m parked in the 16 spot this week.

  • Beautiful post! Loved reading about all of the support you received from your faithful family!
    Dianne Thornton recently posted…Will You Grumble or Give Grace?My Profile

  • My family is HUGE! So many times friends and strangers stepped in and played the role of family when my own family lived so far from us during our cancer years. They’re still stepping in and are a constant blessing.
    Anita Ojeda recently posted…Is it Anorexia, Orthorexia, or the Female Athlete Triad?My Profile

  • When we had a major crisis our “family” that stepped up consisted of a lot of people who had never even met us. It has really inspired me to be generous to a fault when I see someone else going through something.
    Melissa recently posted…My Favorite Cleaning ProductsMy Profile

    • The blessing of strangers who become family is one I certainly never expected and if you keep reading in this series, you’ll see I’ll write about that! 😉
      Carol Bovee recently posted…Doubts and Decisions in ArgentinaMy Profile

  • I’ve recently see this kind of support happen in our family as well. Thank you, God! I pray that your son finds comfort, strength, and healing — and that your family – ALL of them – continue to support, surround, and honor each other through Jesus.

  • I didn’t do FMF this week because of 31 days write – glad I came over though. Family, it’s all about family.
    Susan Shipe recently posted…day 2: ifMy Profile

  • Today, I’m celebrating with “family” — my dear friend whose 3-year-old daughter is 2 years cancer-free TODAY! It was such a heartbreaking time, watching such a little one go through chemo and then a very risky surgery. I always wished there was more I could do, but I hope I was a blessing to that family during their battle with leukemia.
    Sarah recently posted…day 2: five minute friday – familyMy Profile

  • We are blessed to call many “family” that we do life together with. So thankful for those who care.
    Cherie recently posted…Prone to Love; a book about God’s LoveMy Profile

  • When we look back on those moments of time (no matter how long they lasted) we remember all those who came to us in our time of need; and we ARE blessed to see how many have been there for us; even surprised at whom we may see…

    Thank you for sharing this time whenFamily was such a blessing! Following this series; dementia doesn’t seem half as much of a trauma when I think of what one goes through with their child!

    Prayers and blessings to you and ALL of your family!
    Barbara recently posted…Day 4 – 2015 – EMBRACEMy Profile

    • Well, Barbara, you have my sympathies with the dementia caregiving. As you might see, if you keep reading, I’ll be writing about that as well! 🙂
      Carol Bovee recently posted…Doubts and Decisions in ArgentinaMy Profile

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