How to Add a Live Button to Your Sidebar Using Widgets

This tutorial should help you add a live button to your sidebar on your blog so that whenever someone clicks on your button, they are redirected to the landing page post for your #write31days series.

1. Open your “Media Library” and click on the icon of your button.Editing media in your WP library




2. Copy the code in the ‘description’ area (this is the code that you inserted following these steps).Code for a 'live' button





3. Click on the “Appearance” menu and select ‘Widgets’.How to find your widgets menu








4. Hopefully, you have already installed Jetpack (if you haven’t, take a few minutes to install it!), an invaluable plugin that allows you to add widgets. (I had to click on the Jetpack menu item at the top of the page right under the word ‘Dashboard’ to access the main Jetpack page.  Next, I had to click on the “See all 27 (your number might be different) Jetpack Features.” A page like this showed up and I hovered the mouse on the right side of the ‘Extra Sidebar Widgets” line and clicked on the ‘Configure’ button.Active Jetpack Widgets






5. When you click on the ‘configure’ button, a page like this will show up:Screen shot of Jetpack's Sidebar Widget Configuration Page







7. Click and hold the “Text” box and drag it to the section that says “Sidebar Widget Area” (it might look different on your blog–it depends on your theme). I dropped the text box near the top because I want my new button to show up ‘above the fold’ where it will catch people’s attention.Sidebar Widget Area








8. Click on the new Text Box and enter the correct information:Filling in the code for your sidebar button I entered in a title in the title box, and then in the text box, I entered the code that I copied from Step 2. Because I wanted my button centered in the sidebar, I added the following code BEFORE <center> and AFTER </center> the code I had pasted (there should be no spaces between the code for centering and your button code.

9. Click on the ‘Visibility’ button if you want to control WHEN the button shows up on your sidebar (we have a two-author blog, so I only want my button showing up on posts that I write).

10.  Hit the save button and then check your work!  When you go to your blog, your beautiful new button should show up on your sidebar and when you click it, it should take you to the landing page post for your series!

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