31 Glimpses into the Unquiet Mind

Unquiet Mind: A mother, a daughter and a journey no one wants to take.Every story begins somewhere, but some stories begin in a mist of memories and questions that evoke no clear answers. Our story belongs to this category. The stories you will read in this series chart a journey to discovery and healing, but the navigation through turbulent waters might shock and dismay you. Telling the story takes courage and vulnerability and we share it in the hopes that others might find hope and healing for their journeys.

I did not travel alone—no one does. The participants in my journey include our daughter Sarah—the main character—and the rest of our family (Pedro, myself and our other daughter, Laura). Sarah will co-write some of the posts and has approved everything that appears here.

This post will serve as the landing page for the series, with a link added each day.

We hope that our 31 Glimpses into an Unquiet Mind will not only inspire you, but help you better understand a very misunderstood topic.

We hope 31 Glimpses into an Unquiet Mind will help you understand a very misunderstood topic. http://wp.me/p2UZoK-Ta Click To Tweet

October 1-The Problem with Flashbacks and Cancer
October 2-Is it Anorexia, Orthorexia or the Female Athlete Triad?
October 3-Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire
October 4Doubts and Decisions in Argentina
October 5-Sliding Towards the Pit of Depression (Inspire Me Monday Link up)
October 6- Tell Me How to Do Tough Love
October 7-How to Parent on the Same Page (Even When it isn’t Easy)
October 8-When You Feel Inadequate It’s Ok to Just Come Alongside
October 9-It’s Hard to Trust a System that Seems Broken
October 10Desperately Seeking Help for an Adolescent in Crisis
October 11-Reaching the Bottom of the Pit
October 12-Back in the Nest: A Safe Harbor for a Floundering Fledgling
October 13-When a Crisis Center is the Only Option
October 14-Learning to Love from the Center of Who I Am
October 15-Never Underestimate the Importance of Communication
October 16-Relying on the God of Green Hope
October 17-Losing My Cool Over a Frozen Turkey
October 18-Why I Struggle to Live a Spacious Life
October 19-From the Pit to the Pinnacle is a Good Thing, Right? (Link up)
October 20-The Looming Crisis I Didn’t See Coming
October 21-Is It Adolescent Rebellion or Something More Serious?
October 22-The Source of My Anger Was the Fear of the Unknown
October 23-Consider it Pure Joy When You Face Trials?
October 24-How to Act When Your Adolescent Acts Unreasonable
October 25-I Know it’s Tough Love, but Why Does it Feel Like Abandonment?
October 26-What Do You Do When Your Mooring Comes Unmoored?
October 27-When Your Daughter Chooses to Live in an Airport
October 28-Standing in the Need of Intercessory Prayer
October 29-Has My Daughter Lost Her Mind?
October 30-Crisp-as-Bacon Rage
October 31-Mania: It’s Not Just Whap Happens on Black Friday
November 1-Advocating for an Adolescent With a Mental Health Diagnosis
November 3-Bottom Line: Bi-Polar Disorder Does Just Hurt One Person
November 4-The Devastating Conundrum of the Manic Cycle
November 5-At Last, A Breakthrough in Manic Behavior
November 10-Bipolar Disorder: There is No Fix-it-and-Forget-it Cure
November 14-Introducing Hypomania-the Third Bipolar Sibling
November 17-An Important Life Lesson from an Epileptic Horse
November 24-When I am Ninety-Eight, You’ll be Ninety-Nine

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