How to Create a Button that Links to Your Landing Page

Coding for buttons

Last year it took me hours and hours to figure out what to do with my button once I created it.  Hopefully, these instructions will help you create a button that links to your landing page without producing a giant headache. If you want to create a button that you can use on your sidebar or share with other people, this post will walk you through the steps of using html coding that will always link to your landing page/post on a WordPress blog (I can only help out for WP because that’s all I know!).

1. Create a landing page/post. I find it easiest to just create a new post and not try to make a page.

2. Copy the short link for your landing page (a button to access the short link shows up after you save the post as a draft).

short link

After you hit the ‘save draft’ button, a new button with the short link appears.

3. Click on “Insert Media” and upload your beautiful button.



4. A box will appear on the right hand side where you can enter information about your media (button). Make sure you write your subject in the ‘alt text’ box so that Google has an easier time finding your posts.

5. In the “description” box, enter the following information:


Creating a button that links to your landing page.

Here’s the description box where you’ll paste the code.

6. You will replace the “PUT THE WWW ADDRESS YOU WANT HERE INSIDE THE QUOTES” with the short link from your landing page post.

7. You will copy and paste the URL of your button (found on the right hand side of the page under a thumbnail of your button when you upload it) into the area of the code that says “PUT THE IMAGE’S WWW ADDRESS HERE INSIDE THE QUOTES”

8. Once you hit the ‘insert into post’ button, your button will work as a graphic link to your landing page.

Tomorrow I’ll explain how to create a widget in your sidebar.


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