End-of-the-School-Year Blues

Slickrock Trail Moab, UTEnd-of-the-School-Year Blues

The teacher’s dance of
discipline and love has
ended for another year. My
prayers trail each student
out the door and into the summer.

I sit in silence as conversations past
echo through my classroom and
scenes replay from the year gone by.
Did my cherubs learn?
But most of all, did they
see Jesus in me?

They made progress, I know, in
life-skills and reading and writing, but
do they know how much I love them?
Do they understand that I miss them
for three long months and mourn them if
they don’t return?

They wave and walk away, slamming
the covers on the book of school and
tossing it on the shelf of life. But I
worry. Will they be safe? What
evil lurks in their lives?

Have they
seen in me an example of
how to run to the
One who loves them when
faced with trouble, trials and trauma?

Ah, the end-of-the-school-year blues
have jumped out of the clear skies and
pounced upon my heart. Squeezing it
tightly and shaking my composure.
I have sixty-five prayer requests.
May each one return in August.

What about you?  What makes you blue at the end of the school year?

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Talk about a teacher who teaches whole-heartedly! I can see your love and deep concern for your students and their future in this. What a beautiful thing!! And what a blessing you must be for those kids.
    Jen Daugherty recently posted…Brilliant Renewal {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

  • Great post, Anita! I always wanted to be a teacher and can only imagine how you must feel at the end of each school year. I’m certain you are quite a blessing to those students assigned to your class. Enjoy your summer!
    Holly Barrett recently posted…BlueMy Profile

  • Totally wishing I could sit in your class for a day! Love this –> I have sixty-five prayer requests. May each one return in August.

  • Tara

    You are a great teacher. I pray for my youth kids too. I enjoy summer but I do miss seeing them every week.

  • Enjoy your summer, Anita! I just love hearing how your prayers follow each and every child out the door. How incredibly inspiring to know that you’re praying for each one.
    Jennifer Frisbie recently posted…Five Minute Friday: BlueMy Profile

  • Beautiful post, Anita. I LOVE your heart for your students. From the mom end of things, the end of school signals a transition in how I spend my days. I love summer, the slower pace and time with my boys, but they drain me some days with so much together time.

    One thing that makes me blue is knowing my children will never be this age again. My oldest enters junior high this fall, and I’m sad knowing he’ll enter a new chapter of development, independence and the angst that comes with the teen years. He won’t be so much my little boy. The upside is that he is growing, each day, closer to the man God intends him to be. So, I’m trying to make the most of each moment I have with my guys. 🙂
    Jeanne Takenaka recently posted…Blue: Hope in Life’s StormsMy Profile

    • I completely understand the tug of wishing kids would stay the same yet feeling so proud of the way they’re ‘turning out’! My husband always said that his favorite age was the one the girls were currently in.
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Why is the Theory of Headship Like ISIS?My Profile

  • I just love how your mamma’s heart shines through to how you love and teach your students. I know they will be aching to see your face again in the fall-the one that is constant and kind and loving. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that you have blessed these little ones beyond belief!! Have a well-deserved summer break, my friend!

  • Anita, if I were a betting woman, I’d say that your students know just how much you care about them. Your heart shows in your writing; I can just imagine how it spills out of you in person. Those kids are blessed to have you!
    Marie recently posted…Five Minute Friday: BlueMy Profile

  • Been a long time since we’ve had school anything around our empty nest but the question you posed is one we should always be asking ourselves. Can ‘they’ see Jesus in me? Sweet post Anita. Nice to see your passion for your calling.
    Debby recently posted…Five-Minute Friday {blue}My Profile

  • Aahhh… Anita, what a sweet heart you have for your children! God bless you! 🙂
    Rachel Quigley recently posted…How do we handle mess up’s and missed opportunities?My Profile

  • i haven’t had end of school blues for a long time. 2 of my 3 kids are now in their 40’s. i find it almost impossible to believe how fast the time went.

    when they were in college, the end of school meant they came home. that was fun, fun, fun!

    my parents were teachers…my dad a principal actually for much of my growing up years. the 3 of us who grew up together determined we would not be teachers:) 2 of us became nurses and one became a pilot. my brother retired a few years ago as captain with american airlines.

    we had a sister who was born 17 years after our group. SHE is the teacher. teaches in amsterdam! teaches kids how to read…1st grade.
    martha brady recently posted…CHOOSE YOUR BLUE…My Profile

  • I still love it when my birth children come home for whatever reason :). I love that your youngest sister went into teaching–and I can totally understand why three of you didn’t ;). It’s not easy being a TK (or a PK 😉 ).
    Anita Ojeda recently posted…How to Miss the Obvious in Four Easy StepsMy Profile

  • Beautiful picture, and beautiful poem. When I become a teacher, I want to be just like you. You’ve always been the kind of teacher who genuinely loves her students. <3
    Laura recently posted…Five Tips On Getting Things DoneMy Profile

  • I can’t help but wonder how different our world would be if all teachers care like you. I know many do but there are those that don’t. Thank you for all you do.
    Amy P Boyd recently posted…Sometimes It Is More Than It AppearsMy Profile

  • What a great example you are, Anita! This time of the year is the hardest in our house because we all are just plumb done with school. My husband has a tough group of kids and his energy is low. My son has been on project overload and is ready to promote 6th grade (bittersweet blessings there). And as a sub, I’m trying to garner 2 seconds of attention from kids who have one foot out the door. You’ve convicted me to be more purposeful in prayer because really I just want it to be over…lol. Thanks for your encouragement and I have not doubt you a blessing beyond measure to your kiddos. #fmf
    Tiffany recently posted…This “Blue” Shall Pass {FMF: Blue}My Profile

  • Your writing inspired me today! Love your teacher comments — you can see what I’m doing AFTER teaching on my post yesterday. Loved teaching, LOVE retirement. And I can empathize with your weight gain caring for your husband. I realized I had traded shapes with my mother when we nursed her through chemo many years ago. Thanks for your help to caregivers — walking in those shoes gives you authenticity.
    Martell Souder recently posted…BLUEMy Profile

  • As a student, I absolutely loved the end of the school year. Now I have friends who love the end of the school year as a teacher. You’ve brought a total new perspective as a teacher who whole heartedly cares for her students. Thank you for the work you do in their lives.
    Samantha recently posted…Battle of the Blues {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

  • THIS IS SO AWESOME. You are using Father’s gifts so beautifully. Your teaching. Your serving. Your loving. Your writing. xo
    Susan Shipe recently posted…five minute friday: blueMy Profile

  • I am SO grateful for teachers like you! I loved your poem. As far as my perspective as a mom, I’ll blame it on pregnancy hormones, but closing up this school year has been very emotional for me!
    Messy Mom recently posted…Are Unexcused Absences Ever Excusable?My Profile

  • Amy

    I’m sure they saw God in you! What a blessing you are to your children!
    Amy recently posted…Blue // Five Minute FridayMy Profile