Whispers of Love

Whispers of LoveAs I sit at my table, my flowers nod back at me. A dozen deep red roses perfume my dining room—the Valentine gift my husband gave me just before he took off for a conference in Texas. Further down the table is the rose plant my husband bought for my daughter. He remembers all of his girls on Valentine’s Day.

Just beyond the roses blooms my little grandma’s Christmas cactus. The one she bragged about every time it bloomed. The only plant she could keep alive and a reminder of the heritage she’s passed on to me—because it’s the only plant I can keep alive, too.Flowers

It’s been a somber weekend. The daughter of a friend was hit by a truck and passed away. Her heart, along with other organs, were harvested and shared with others’ lives on Saturday, February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day took on a whole new meaning. Maddy’s mother, Lisa, posted throughout the weekend the beautiful things that touched her heart. Friends and family posted the beauty that was Maddy, a 20-year-old who loved life and lived with love and joy.

Coming out of the weekend, I see posts about how much others have seen Jesus through the trial this family has faced. The ultimate loss handled with God’s grace and love.

And that’s it today. A simple post about Love. All different kinds of love. I see my roses and know that my husband and I have been through a lot—our own trials that we TRY to face with grace and love.

The plant that tells my girls they deserve to be treated well by any man who steps into their lives—because their dad has taught them they are loveable and valuable. The Christmas cactus that reminds me of Gram’s laugh every time it blooms. The Facebook posts about a beautiful life cut short—but not ended because God has a plan for her future.

God’s love. It’s amazing and beautiful and has the power to get us through trials and the worst this life can throw at us.The whispers of love from our Savior perfume our lives with undeserved grace. Click To Tweet

It holds Alzheimer’s patient’s thoughts together and whispers of comfort to the lonely and depressed. Love whispers through the halls of a hospital and embraces us in the darkness of night. God’s love holds us through loss and reminds us of a future. A future with a God who is love.

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