Don't be afraid to share via @blestbutstrest“Anyone need a pair of gloves?” I called out to the group of 17 excited students as we waited in the ski lodge. A chorus of “I dos!” overwhelmed me, and I noticed for the first time how inadequately prepared most of the kids were.

Last night I sorted through the bins of gloves and mittens that have languished in my closet for three years—we don’t need them in Arizona the same way we needed them in Montana. I found ten pairs of stretchy gloves—the kind you buy at Wal Mart for a dollar a pair, and two pairs of matching ski gloves and a mitten/glove mismatched pair.

I tossed them all in a big shopping bag on the off chance that a student or two might forget their mittens. I threw in a pair of purple long johns, an extra beanie, and a pair of waterproof rain pants—just in case.

The bus had left in the cold predawn, and the students were supposed to have proper clothing. The school provided helmets for all of them, but evidently we adults speak a different language from our students.

When we say, “Do you have a warm coat?”, they hear, “Do you have a sweatshirt that zips up?” When we say, “Do you have ski pants?”, they hear, “Do you have clean jeans?”. When we say, “Do you have mittens or gloves,” they hear, “Do you think your fingers might get cold in the snow? (the internal answer to that one is, “Naw, I’m good.”).

And so I shared. I passed out all but one pair of stretchy gloves (after all, I needed to keep my fingers warm), the purple long johns (a cold young man was not too proud to wear them), the rain pants (I offered them to the boy who showed up in shorts) and the beanie.

Despite the freezing cold and the gently falling snow—the kids had a blast at ski school (it was the first time out for most of them).

I get it. I really do. Our students don’t go skiing or snowboarding very often (once a year or once in their life). It doesn’t snow very often in the high desert of Arizona, so no one buys snow clothes (REAL snow clothes, not jeans and sweatshirts). But, oh, I wish I had so much more to share!

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a 'recovering cancer caregiver' who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Shorts? Really? LOL But you’ve got me thinking, maybe I should go through my glove box and see what I can share now. 🙂

    Melinda recently posted…FMF – SendMy Profile

    • Crazy, I know. I don’t know what’s in their closets, but if I were their momma, I’d make sure they had clothes! Maybe next year I just need to gather donations of ski clothes and haul them all up to the ski lodge with me!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • We have similar situations when we take our students places too! And we are going skiing next week so our staff might need to grab some extra hats and gloves! So good to see you tonight.
    Holly Barrett recently posted…shareMy Profile

    • How was your ski trip? I think the kids are too proud to ask or admit that they don’t have what they need–until they arrive and see just how cold it is!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • What a fantastic story of sharing! It’s disheartening to think that these kids went to school knowingly going on a ski trip without the proper gear. Being from PA, snow suits, gloves, and hats are a must so I suppose I take for granted that kids (no matter the location) would just “know” to suit up properly. As I was reading your post it brought to mind a particular scripture: Matthew 25:31-36 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing, I was sick, and you care for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’ Then the righteous ones will reply, “Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and gave you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will say, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” NLT
    Thanks for ‘sharing’ 🙂
    Shannon Bibby recently posted…RefugeMy Profile

    • Many of my sweet little kiddos come from homes without running water or indoor plumbing. If they’re cold at home, they go outside and run around and then when they return to the house, it feels warm. It was nice chatting with you at the FMFParty!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • I bet you are an amazing teacher. You have so much to share…so much that kids (of all ages) need. Thank you for sharing your day with those kids, your clothes, but mostly for sharing your gift here. It’s amazing and I’m always blessed by it. And really… what IS it with kids these days? Shorts on a ski trip?! Sheesh! 🙂 xoxo
    Karen Brown recently posted…ShareMy Profile

  • I love this…Mt. Lemmon?

    And the kid in shorts, that would have been me.

    Still would, as I subscribe to the Jimmy Buffett school of Fashion For All Occasions.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Why Men Don’t Share Feelings {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

    • Sunrise ski resort on the White Mountain Apache reservation. It’s a beautiful facility and very well-maintained–and one never has to wait in line! I’m glad my kids aren’t the only ones who would show up in the shorts ;). I had students in Montana who came to school in flip flops, basketball shorts and a down coat when it was 20 below.
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • I love this little story! It captures the mindset of teens so well. But it also captures your nurturing heart. Your desire to share with them is, I have no doubt, the overflow of affection that the Father has poured into you. Bless you for sharing that!
    Marie recently posted…Five Minute Friday: ShareMy Profile

  • What a great adventure for you all at the ski school! The ones that were not wanting anything were possibly trying to uphold their image perhaps? Whatever the reason, I’m sure they appreciated that they were prepared for the weather (with your help) and had a great time! That was so thoughtful of you to share those much needed clothes and gloves for them. Many Blessings. 🙂
    Verona recently posted…Why Should I Share When I Feel Selfish?My Profile

    • I’m sure that pride has a lot to do with it–but cold always wins ;). Next time, I’ll take more warm clothing!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • Donald Strawn

    Caregiving just doesn’t stop for some. You care enough to broaden horizons AND help them be prepared. Thanks.

  • Love your post. There’s a power behind sharing, isn’t there?

    • Yes, there certainly is power in sharing! Thanks for stopping by, Helen!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • I love your heart, dear friend! I love that you came prepared to share (in more ways than one, I am sure!)
    ~Karrilee~ recently posted…SHARE – Five Minute Friday…My Profile

    • :). Thanks for stopping by! I’m learning to be less selfish with my belongings–it’s all just ‘stuff’!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • My inner city kids would have been exactly in the same position – so I can relate! Naw, I’m good! hahaha
    Debra Alexander recently posted…Day 20 / 365 Fear NotMy Profile

    • Funny kids–pride vs. frostbite…next time, I’m taking more stuff to share!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • What a fun “share” story: so well told . What a good thing it was that you sorted out your closet and brought all those extras to share. Your thoughtfulness helped the students have an even better memory of this day – being warm is always good. 😉
    susan recently posted…Apostle Paul’s Bucket ListMy Profile

    • Being warm is certainly a good thing! Next time, I’ll take more! Thank you for stopping by :).
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • Thank goodness for both adults (teachers) who both think in practical terms and understand the real needs of their students. I loved this post, Anita. And I loved the glimpse of your heart for your students. God must use you in amazing ways with them!

    I hope everyone had a blast and that fingers weren’t TOO cold by the end of the day. 🙂
    Jeanne Takenaka recently posted…Share: Making an ImpactMy Profile

    • Everyone DID have a blast (and no one broke any bones–just some minor bruises and sprains ;)). And, the temperatures at the bottom weren’t too cold (which is where the underdressed beginners were).
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • Love this. Such a sweet story. I can just picture it in my mind. I love that your heart is on the look out for how you can be a blessing to others even in small ways. I think those kids will remember your kindness!
    Christine Leeb recently posted…Staying Thin: 2 Goals I’ve Learned to Never Set for Myself…Maybe You Shouldn’t EitherMy Profile

  • The way you wrote this painted a vivid picture in my mind and I could just see that group of kids with gloves, the rain pants, the purple long johns! I bet they had a blast and I hope you did too!
    Susan Shipe recently posted…five minute friday: shareMy Profile

    • They did have a blast, and so did I! It was the perfect snow day with fresh powder and empty runs.
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Feeling Guilty?My Profile

  • That’s awesome though that you were able to do that much. I just recently sorted through our gloves. We loose gloves like nobodies business. It’s almost as bad as the socks. Sounds like everyone had a great time. That’s wonderful.
    Messy Mom recently posted…Pinewood DerbyMy Profile

    • I understand completely about the mismatched socks and gloves! I started buying everything the same ;).

  • This made me think that sometimes we aren’t ready for our daily circumstances even when we have been taught of them
    Sandra recently posted…ShareMy Profile

    • Very true, Sandra! It’s easy to forget something or get distracted.

  • Seriously, though? A skiing field trip! You are such a brave teacher. And I love the heart with which you love your kids. And aren’t we all the ones who at times come to a task ill prepared, thinking we got this, and find ourselves needing to be covered for someone. So glad you have those kids’ backs.
    Colleen Mitchell recently posted…An Open Letter to Miscarriage and Infant LossMy Profile

    • ;). I love taking kids skiing! Especially ones who’ve never been before and who haven’t had a lot of opportunities. And yes, we are just like the students many times, thinking we’ve got something when really, we’re woefully unprepared!