One Word-2015

I long for a deeper understanding of God's love. How about you? via @blestbutstrestI adjusted my mask and dunked my head under the turbid water. The low-hanging clouds and wind-whipped white caps occluded the surface of the ocean, and I had no idea what I’d see when I dunked my head under. The previous days’ snorkeling trips had all started in crystal clear waters where I could see the fish darting around beneath me from the surface.

It’s so much easier to commit myself with snorkeling when I can catch of glimpse of what I’ll see. I don’t love swimming and I have a very healthy fear of the ocean (Pedro might call it an unhealthy fear). Snorkeling in a new place in water that didn’t reveal at least some of what lies beneath scared me.

Pedro waved from underwater, urging me to follow him through a gap in the coral reef, and I hesitantly followed. I’m glad I did. A beautiful vista spread out before us, full of bright coral and fish I had never seen before. I made my way around the edges, never too far from a place where I could stand up if I needed to, secretly glad that Pedro can’t SCUBA dive (the pressure in his ears won’t equalize). Occasionally we’d come to a cliff with darker blue beyond and water so deep I couldn’t see the bottom. I stayed away from those. They really scare me.

A lot of things scare me. Things I can’t control. Things with uncertain endings. Sharks. Car wrecks. Cliffs. Rejection. Commitments. I knew about the One Word movement last year when I dunked my head in the ocean and swam away from a perfectly stable shore to explore the unknown. In fact, a word popped into my mind as I swam and saw the amazing beauty of the underwater world.

Like Jonah, I pretty much ignored the word and the commitment for an entire year. I’ve grown a lot this year as a person, a parent, a writer, a teacher and a child of God. I’ve conquered my fear of blogging every day by participating in the #write31days challenge (and I actually wrote six days a week with two posts on Fridays).

This year, I’m ready to commit—and the same word weighs heavy on my heart. Deeper. I feel God calling me to go deeper—in his word, in my friendships, in my relationships and in whatever ways he will reveal himself to me. It won’t be easy, because I’m so content to sit on the shore and watch things, to observe from afar and never really get involved.

My word for 2015?  Deeper. via @blestbutstrest #onewordBut it’s time to stop acting like Jonah and answer God’s urging to go deeper. I don’t know how or where the word will lead me—but I trust the One who gave it to me. (tweet this)

What about you? Have you chosen a word for 2015?

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