You are Worth the Effort

worth the effortDear Friend;

You are worth the effort. It’s not easy, struggling through each day and learning to squash the automatic thoughts that the evil one has planted in your subconscious. But you are worth the effort.

Answering endless questions posed by psychiatrists and counselors feels like an invasion of privacy (and possibly pointless.) But each person involved wants to help fit a piece of the puzzle into the masterpiece that is you. And you are worth the effort.

Sitting in group sessions or classes and listening to people who really ‘need help’ seems like an unnecessary chore—especially when from all outward appearances you look pretty normal (unlike the guy rocking back and forth in his chair with his hair askew and wild eyes). Take heart—join the community of flawed people (after all, we are ALL flawed)—and learn to share your burdens in a safe place. You are worth the effort.

Remaking the Mind Movies

Learn to remake the movies in your mind—the ones that currently star ‘Failure Girl’ and have titles like Looser, She Bombs Again, and Worthless Waif.  Remake the movies with the real YOU—the one who is infinitely precious and beautiful—and remember that her name is ‘God’s Girl.’ She stars in movies with titles like Saved Again, Walking With Jesus, and Precious Child. Mindfully edit the horror movies that predict failure and defeat. You are worth the effort.

The things from your past—that sin that you’ve committed, the mistakes that you’ve made—they don’t define you.  Lean on Jesus, he gives you a new definition—forgiven.  When the evil one whispers words of accusation in your ear, remind him, “By Jesus’ name, I’m forgiven.” Learn your new identity—it’s all mapped out in God’s love story. You are worth the effort.

Those horrible, unspeakable things that happened to you that you couldn’t control—they aren’t your fault. They don’t define you either. [shareable]You don’t have to be a #victim. With God’s help and grace, you can be a victor. You are worth the effort.[/shareable]

And above all, know that you are loved. Your life has meaning and value and possibility and promise. Allow God to transform your mind, to renew your sagging spirit, to speak words of life into the crevices of your soul. You are worth his effort. Every time. Always.