Ready to Rest Under His Wings


I’m ready, Lord, to throw in the towel.
You know how caregiving
weighs on my soul.

You know how often I try to
provide the cure and
not just the care.

You know how I enter hyper-super-warp
speed overthinking of every detail
when disaster strikes.

Help me to remember that
you have me covered
with your mighty

You stand ready,
waiting for me to say,
“Do, Lord, do it all!”

You wait for me to relinquish my
spot as superhero (I never really had
it to begin with), supermom (I have no
claim to that one either) and superChristian
(nope, that one doesn’t apply, either)

I can’t solve the world’s problems.
I can’t solve my students’ problems.
I can’t solve my friends’ problems.
I can’t solve my family’s problems.
I can’t even solve my own problems.

I’m ready, Lord. So I’ll stand still
and stretch out my limbs and
luxuriate in the assurance that
I’m under your wings.

I’m joining Kate Motaung and other brave bloggers for Five-Minute Friday.  You can find the details and join us by clicking here!

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Beautiful Anita! Your words for just the reminder I needed to hear! We are super because God is a super God who provides us with all we need. Blessings tonight and have a beautiful long weekend!
    Mary Geisen recently posted…Five Minute Friday-ReadyMy Profile

    • Thank you, Mary! Without God, I’d be a mess. It’s something I remind myself of each morning :).

  • Liz

    This: “You know how often I try to provide the cure and not just the care.”

    And this: “I can’t solve my family’s problems.”

    I needed this.

    Thank you! (Visiting via FMF!)
    Liz recently posted…Ready or Not?My Profile

    • I’m glad you stopped by, Liz! God gives us the brains to solve problems–he just asks that we lay the problems before HIM before we rush off on our own!

  • That was just beautiful, Anita. Providing the cure and not the care. So get you there. It is so much harder to just walk in the hard stuff knowing we are under his wings. Thank you for the reminder tonight that this is right where I need to be.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Colleen! It’s a safe and empowering place to rest, isn’t it?

  • I love the picture you paint with your words, Anita.

    So often we forget that He is waiting with more than enough of all that we need, we just cannot take it when our hands are full of all of “Super-ness”

    Glad I stopped by tonight. Praying for you in this season of leaning hard on Him, asking you find rejuvenation there.
    Cynthia Stuckey recently posted…Ready. (FMF)My Profile

    • It’s good to let the ‘Super-ness’ go and just wait around with empty hands (not easy, but GOOD!). Thank you of your prayers!

  • Thank you for that beautiful reminder – how sweet it is when we relinquish control that we never had to begin with and just rest beneath His wings.
    M and A’s Mama recently posted…Five Minute Friday: ReadyMy Profile

  • Beautiful poem! You definitely need to rest under His wings this weekend, friend. Hope you are able to let go and refresh over the next few days. Much love to you.
    Holly Barrett recently posted…ReadyMy Profile

    • Thank you, friend, for your kind words of encouragement!

  • i like others, like your line about “the cure not just the care”…so hard to do, so hard to leave that burden. This was a beautiful poem.
    Somer recently posted…Five Minute Fridays – ReadyMy Profile

    • Thank you for your kind words, Somer. What is it about burdens that we cling to so tenaciously?

  • Oh how I cling to this promise – to be safe under His wings! I will meet you there, friend!
    ~Karrilee~ recently posted…“Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!” – Five Minute FridayMy Profile

    • It’s a good thing his wings are big enough to shelter all of us :). Just the FMF peeps alone will create quite a crowd!

  • Thank you for these lovely words. The featheriness in them inspires me to sneak closer to the care of the Heavenly Father. No, I am not ‘Super-‘ anything either.. but he is.
    Ruth recently posted…Five Minute Friday: READYMy Profile

    • It’s a relief to relinquish the ‘Super’ thing, isn’t it? Sometimes, I forget how good it feels!

  • Anita, I needed this reminder today. My sister and I are caregivers to our Mom, who is in a rapid decline with multi-infarct dementia. I’m a controller, and so my natural instinct is to DO. I’m reminded that it is all in God’s hands, and I just need to be. Stopping by from FMF. Bless you.
    Leah Adams recently posted…Five Minute Friday ~ ReadyMy Profile

    • I’m so sorry about your mom–I can’t imagine how difficult that must be (especially when the controller nature kicks in to combat something that defies logic and control). I’m praying for you! We ARE under his wings.

  • This is amazing, Anita! And I’m praying for rest for you today. I, too, need to remember that God is waiting ” for me to relinquish my spot as superhero” too. Amen, sister! Loved these beautiful words.
    Karen Brown recently posted…ReadyMy Profile

  • Such beautiful words !!!
    Amy P Boyd recently posted…Ready {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

    • Thank you, kind friend :). I’m rejoicing with you and your good news :).

  • that phrase… the one about getting caught up in providing the cure and not the care. you started me thinking about how there’s no way we can cure-all… but sometimes providing care is simply caring and getting involved and risking being real.

    beautiful write.
    richelle @ our wright-ing pad recently posted…Five Minute Friday ~ Ready ~My Profile

    • Thank you for your kind words, Richelle. It’s a lesson I have to keep learning over and over again!

  • I have just finally (after 58 years on this earth) figured out that “I can’t fix it.” I loved your piece; it fit so perfectly into my world. Thank you for that.
    Susan recently posted…How Ready Am I?My Profile

  • Yes! Like you, I’m not superhero, supermom, or superChristian. Within a period of a few years I became a mom and a Christian, then soon a homeschooling mom. It was hard for me to let go of the perfectionism and trust God to get me through all of that. But He used it to teach me that I couldn’t do it on my own and to rely on Him for the strength and wisdom. It’s still not automatic, but I’m working on it!

    Stopping by from FMF.
    Melissa recently posted…Siobhan’s Beat: Sisters in Spirit (Book Review)My Profile

  • Sandra

    You are great. I love your words thank you for share them. I grateful for person like you because you help me to remember my loyalty to God.

  • This is beautiful, Anita! And I love the graphic too! Such lovely poetry with words to inspire and rest in. You have a talent, friend! Blessings upon your weekend!
    Julie Lefebure recently posted…Five Minute Friday – ReadyMy Profile

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Julie :). Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Resting under his wing. An image I need today. Thank you!!

  • Beautiful words–ones I will read over and over. I love the picture, too!
    Laura Melchor recently posted…Why I Don’t Like Stuck in LoveMy Profile

  • Amy

    Just doing some research this week related to the cure, only to be frustrated because my husband’s case is literally one in a million. I needed this reminder. Thank you! Lovely words. Grateful to have come to know you through incourage.
    Amy recently posted…TerrorizedMy Profile

    • Oh, I’m so sorry that you’re having a rough time finding information. Sometimes, being unique isn’t all it’s cracked up to be :(. May God give you strength and patience and the ability to toss it all in his lap!

  • Love the picture! What a great reminder that even though this world is telling us to do more and more and more, we can’t. And that’s okay. We weren’t meant to.
    Brie E recently posted…Falling in Love…with FootballMy Profile

    • You’re so right about the pressures of the world. It’s all about the resting.

  • What a beautiful reminder to relinquish and let Him… Thank you friend. Praying for you.
    Tonya recently posted…God Among UsMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tonya, and thank you for the prayers!

  • WOW! what a great reminder. I needed this tonight.