Filled…and Running Over

Notice the tiny drops of water on his beak.

Notice the tiny drops of water on his beak.

I feel like I’ve been filling feeders nonstop for the last week. In a mere 12-hour period, the little hummers drain FOUR cups of nectar. When I put up my first feeder at the start of last summer, we had six or seven regulars that stopped by throughout the day in between sitting on their nests and catching insects—mostly Black-chinned Hummingbirds.

This summer, even though I spent six weeks away from home, first my mom, and then my husband faithfully filled the feeders because they know how much I love watching the wondrous little creatures.

When I returned home last week, I discovered that fall migration had begun. Along with the usual suspects, three other species of hummingbirds had stopped off at our ‘avian rest area’ for free coffee, um, nectar .

And so for the last seven days, I rush to watch the feeders whenever I have a spare moment (and maybe whenever I should be writing lesson plans or cleaning my classroom). In between times, I make more nectar (they’ve already gone through two gallons).must stop

I stand on a bench in my home office in the late afternoon when the sun leaves a soft glow over our lawn and open the window next to the feeder. I aim my telephoto lens at the action (it reminds me of a scene from Star Wars with pod racers on a quest) and happily snap away.perfectruhu

Between the buzz and chatter of the birds and click of my camera, I find peace from the chaos in my life. When my arm gets tired and the light fades, I rush to download the photos to my computer and marvel at the details that our Creator included in this particular model of bird.

By beholding, I become changed. My heart rate slows. I find myself breathing deeply and even laughing as I watch the territorial Rufous hummingbirds try to fend of fifteen other hummers. It doesn’t work, and eventually they settle down and drink their fill.

Today a Broad-tailed Hummingbird with a beak deformity landed on the feeder, and the normally pushy Rufous left her alone.damaged bill

When life seems crazy and full of chaos, bad news and challenges, I know my Creator will fill me with exactly what I need—it could be a tiny bird, a gorgeous sunset or the smile of a stranger.

I cling to his goodness no matter what life hurls at me. I am filled. (tweet this)

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Funny that you would write about hummingbirds. I saw one yesterday, just one little emerald fellow, and it stilled me, soothed me, and how wonderful He is in all the smallest of humblest hummingbird ways. Thanks for penning 🙂 –an FMF neighbor
    Karly recently posted…FillMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karly! They are some of the most amazing little creatures and despite the rapid beat of their wings, they have the ability to still us and fill us with wonder.

  • Love this Anita, He certainly gives us what we need!
    Sarah Knepper recently posted…FillMy Profile

    • Thank you, Sarah :). He does. Absolutely. All the time.

  • Anita-this post blessed me! So good to know that our Lord is always ready to fill us with all we need. Hugs friend!
    Mary Geisen recently posted…Five Minute Friday-FillMy Profile

    • Thanks for the hugs and for the kind words :).

  • Clinging to His goodness is the key to being filled. Love your photos, Anita!
    Holly Barrett recently posted…FillMy Profile

    • Thank you, Holly :). I’ve had so much fun this week taking the photos!

  • Beautiful photos Anita! How carefree the birds are, knowing they’ll find what they need on their trip. …How I long to be filled with that same assurance that our heavenly Father will give me all I need in due time, instead of rushing to do it all on my schedule. Your attention to the minutiae of life is refreshing. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Asheritah recently posted…The Power of Blessing and Cursing Is YoursMy Profile

    • Thank you, Asheritah :). The knowledge that he sees even the smallest sparrow that falls has been my thought for the week. ANYTHING that happens to me, he sees and cares about. That gives me assurance!

  • What gorgeous photos! And yes, He does put incredible detail into such small creatures. The Creator of all who cares about every tiny detail.

    What a blessing!
    Jen @ Growing in Faith recently posted…The Full Measure of His JoyMy Profile

    • I’d love to have a hummer sit still long enough for me to use my macro lens…I love the little details of creation (and the big picture, too).

  • i love your birdwatching. my mama and husband are both birdwatchers and i have always loved that about them. i love that you are part of God’s willing provision team for these small birds. I loved that you delighted in that bright stroke of God’s creativity. You know He loved it too
    Somer recently posted…Fill – Five Minute FridaysMy Profile

    • I’m relatively new to birdwatching, and everything I learn fascinates me. God truly does care about the details–in creation and in my life.

  • These are beautiful photos! How amazing that as we watch His creation, we are filled with exactly what we need. Wonderful post!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…FillMy Profile

    • Thank you Joanne :). I love the God fills us with so many things in just the ways that we need.

  • Lovely, Anita! I’ve only once seen a hummingbird, but it was just beautiful. And yes, the Lord gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

    I’m reminded of a conversation between two moms, one with two children and the other with eight. The first asked, “How do you DO it?” The second answered, “Grace.” The first said, “How do you have enough grace to handle eight kids?” The second replied, “God gives you what you need. If you have two children, He gives you enough grace for two. If you have eight, He gives you enough for eight.”
    Melissa recently posted…(Re)-Filled by Love – Five Minute FridayMy Profile

    • What a beautiful story–and so true! May you see more hummingbirds at some point and have the experience of seeing a whole feeder full at some time in your life ;)–but if not, may God bring beauty of all kinds to fascinate and fill you :).

  • ohhhhhh your hummingbird pictures!!! I adore them (and now I shall go read the actual post!)

  • okay the fact that you caught them in mid flight boggles my mind. Amazing. God is such an amazing creator. Those details on them are amazing..and reading about them is also amazing.
    Love that in your filling up to get them to their next stop you are reminded of our Saviour’s filling up in our own lives. So often I take for granted that He is the presence that is filling me and keeping me going its nothing that i’ve done of myself.
    Janel Andrews recently posted…FMF- FillMy Profile

  • Amy

    So beautiful !!!!
    Amy recently posted…Fill {Five-Minute Friday}My Profile

  • I love these words! Thank you for sharing the story behind those wonderful photographs. 🙂
    Laura Melchor recently posted…The First ResidencyMy Profile

    • 🙂 Have you had many come to your feeders?

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  • I loved this: “By beholding, I become changed.” It’s so true that we need to stop and take time to be filled with the good things God has. So often I’m just whizzing by and I miss out on the beholding. Lord, help me!

    • Sometimes, it’s not easy to stop (but I’m always filled when I do).

  • Oh, to see these precious birds. Down here in South Texas, our migratory season does not come until mid Sept. for the hummingbirds. I, too, love to see them and then wonder why they are just so ornery to one another! But love them still.
    Thankful to being filled with the fullness of God, ~ linda
    ~ linda recently posted…FillMy Profile

    • You have a few hummers down in Texas that I need to see sometime! I think we get 14 varieties here (most of them are in the southern part of the state). They are amazing.

  • How sweet to read this! I’ve never thought of watching birds so carefully and actually enjoying it. Perhaps I’m missing something! Thank you for opening my eyes to something precious.

    • 🙂 There’s just something about the verse in the Bible about God seeing even the sparrows that fall that makes me fascinated with sparrows and all their avian relatives.
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Filled…and Running OverMy Profile

  • Hi Anita! What fragile creatures they are… You are so blessed to have them with you! My daughter got a hummingbird feeder some years back, and we hung it out very hopefully. Well, maybe they don’t live in these parts!

    I join you in the peace of nature. How it slows me and centers me. It’s a special time to spend, isn’t it?
    Happy Tuesday,
    Ceil recently posted…Reunion LessonsMy Profile

    • I am indeed blessed by their beauty and strength! Thank you for stopping by today, and may the beauty of nature always remind you of our Father’s great love for us :).

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