Bloom Where He Plants

Family pictures 065I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the wonderful bloggers who meet each week on Thursday nights (late) and write for five minutes on a prompt that Lisa-Jo gives us. No editing. No turning back. Just write and publish. This week’s prompt? Bloom

Two different conversations, with two different friends.

But first, let me tell you why these conversations happened. We move a lot. Not every few months or anything, but my husband’s administrative job means that turnover is expected. For years we’ve not sought openings but have moved when called. We have felt, strongly, that our moves have been orchestrated by the God in control of our lives.

Our last move prompted these two conversations:

Conversation 1 – – “I get your faith and all, but don’t be a jellyfish, just floating wherever you’re sent. Control your own destiny. If you want to live where you’re living, then do so, but if you’d rather live in such and such a town, then make it happen. I just don’t buy that God, or whatever being is up there, gets to arbitrarily send us somewhere.”

Yes, I’m loosely paraphrasing a much longer conversation. A conversation that surprised me and left me feeling a little, well, lonely and sad.

Conversation 2 – – “I’m really sorry you guys are leaving _______. You will be sorely missed. You’re good with kids and you’re good at what you do. I know you’re going a long ways away, but I know that you’re the type that will bloom wherever God plants you.”

Yes, another loose paraphrase, except for that last part. “You will bloom wherever God plants you.” That phrase has stuck in my head for two years. What a compliment. What an encouragement. What a mission.

Because that IS what I believe. I DO believe there is a God up there with a much clearer picture of our life – what it COULD be, and what it SHOULD be. I’m very happy to feel led by a God who cares much more about my children than I do, who understands our jobs and the people we work for much more than we do, and yes, One who controls my destiny.

My job? To bloom wherever God plants me.

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  • Stopping by from Lisa Jo’s place tonight. So many have used this “bloom where you’re planted” phrase, and it couldn’t be more lovely. I have moved several times in my life, and each has been a new chapter. Of course, not all of the chapters are pretty or comfortable, but we are in the presence of the Comforter, the God who makes everything beautiful in its time. Thankful for this reminder!
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  • I feel so sad for the person in conversation #1 🙁 Seems like such a frustrating way to live! Although change is always hard (definitely not minimizing this. In fact, I also wrote about blooming where He plants me 🙂 ), I find it easier knowing this is part of God’s plan & we are walking in His will. Trying to make your own trail is difficult & isolating.
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  • Pamela Nikodem

    It is a conversation that makes you stop and think. To realize that not everyone understands nor will grasp the depth that following God brings to our lives. Your choice to follow the “Bloom where you are planted” is one that I have heard since high school in 1987. In the world it meant the same thing, yet with God, we can see the brighter blossoms, the bluer skies, and the peace that follows the growth. Thank you for always, truly blooming. For your blossoming helped me, and always does.