Bloom, and Bloom Again (Without Fear)

bloomKnow that every flower has a season and purpose—and they don’t all smell the same. You, too have a season and a purpose, and just like a seed dropped into the soil, it may take some time before you bloom. And that’s ok.

Blooms don’t start in the sunlight. They start as tiny seeds or bulbs, ravaged by water, rocks or other natural processes that allow water to seep into the seed and give life to the speck of hope inside. Give God time to work wondrous changes in your life. Hold on to your speck of hope. (Click to tweet)

The first growth starts under ground, where time, water and dead things give life to a little seed. No one sees the growth—the painful stretching, reaching, and hesitating that hurts because things shoot out and grow in a confusion of grasping roots. The Gardener knows what happens and he offers grace for your journey. Give yourself grace during the growth.

Once the roots take hold and the plant pushes its way through the crusty soil, the outward journey has just begun. Leaves and buds take time to appear—sometimes, days, and sometimes years (if you’re a cactus). The Gardener knows the difference between the weeds and YOU. He knows you’ll changes in his time. The Gardener will shine on you and your journey—and let you know what he wants and when he wants it. Don’t compare yourself to every‘bud’y else. (Click to tweet)

One day, you’ll wake up and realize that those difficult times, the dark, under-the-ground-and-scary times have ended. Your journey from seed to something has resulted in a beautiful bloom. God will see you thought each step of the way. Don’t be afraid to share your beauty with the world around you.

Live your life remembering the lilies of the fields. The process will happen over and over again (and it should) as the Gardener shows you ways he wants to use you in his cacophony of love.

Fear not, little seed. God will see you through. (Click to tweet)

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