7 Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Platform & Trip Up Your Tribe Building

7 Ways to Sabotage Your Platform and Trip Up Your Tribe Building

1. Never follow people back on twitter (or unfollow them after they follow you back)–after all, they could be stalkers.

2. Only talk and tweet and post about yourself. That’s why people joined your tribe in the first place.

3. If someone comments on one of your blog posts, make sure you never visit their blog or even reply to their comment.

4. Join online tribe-building groups on Facebook, but only use those groups as a place to beg for comments on your posts or ask members to like your Facebook page.

5. Refuse to install widgets like Comment Luv–who cares whether or not your readers have a blog?

6. Join every link-up you can find–but don’t take the time to visit and comment on anyone else’s posts.

7. Never retweet, +1, share or pin someone else’s post. Why create competition for yourself?

What would YOU add to the list?