Five-Minute Friday: Grace

Only the grace of the Master Knitter can fix our tangled selves.

Only the grace of the Master Knitter can fix our tangled selves.

the eyes of those who profess to care
stare out of judgment
ignoring stories they claim to hear
but make no effort to understand
and unravel the threads that bind the edges of my heart
the tongues of those who claim a relationship
whip and writhe in so many directions
that forked doesn’t even begin to describe
the razor sharp cutting of the knitted places in my soul
the expectations of those who declare a right
to examine the heartfelt dedication and commitment
of a lifetime spent in mission and sacrifice
wear holes in the tapestry of a spirit
that started out strong and of good courage
but is left to wonder at the purpose
and the goals
that seemed so clear in the days before tragedy
struggle and hurt
and now lies wilted in the mending basket
but that’s the beauty of Grace
whose eyes pick up the ends of the threads
and gently tie the knots
making seams stronger than any heart ever dreamed of being
and the sweetly whispered words of a loving Savior
applies the needles, strong and steady,
to darn the holes of the soul
making the bare into a sturdy design of beauty and purity
so others want the same
and the grace of the one who designed my pathway
patches the holes in my spirit
with embroidery so beautiful that
my vision is changed
my purpose is clear
my love is sure
repaired and renewed
that’s the beauty of grace


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Today I linked up with Lisa Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday flash mob to write about the word “Grace”. Click the link to see how you can join in the fun! Five Minute Friday

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