Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: Write

A story about two acquaintances who became friends all because of the need to write.

A story about two acquaintances who became friends all because of the need to write.

Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd for the prompt of the week: Write. Writing for five minutes without editing or backtracking–Go!
Write. Write what’s real. Write what you’re passionate about. Write what you know about. Write to not feel alone.

Two women clunked down the stairs outside the classroom after sharing a heart-wrenching story from one’s cancer caregiving journey.

“Don’t you wish someone could have warned you of these feelings?” one continued the conversation that had started earlier and continued sporadically throughout the professor’s lecture.

Hesitantly the other asked, “Do ever feel surrounded by help but completely alone?”
At the emphatic nod from her friend she continued, “How come no one explained that one?”

The two women entered the bright sunlight outside and headed down the sidewalk, so wrapped in conversation and thoughts they paid no heed to their destination. They spent the lunch hour sharing details from their journeys that they hadn’t really shared with any others, for the fear that others would think them crazy, or women with not-enough-faith or else too much religion, or maybe someone would think them too dramatic.

“Did you write much during his treatment?” asked one.

“Some…as I needed to.”

The dialog continued as they retraced their steps toward the classroom.

“I sure wish someone had warned us of some of the side-effects of having a loved one with cancer.”

“In an easy-to-read-only-when-you-can-handle-it format.”

“We should write a book.”

“We should!”

Write to not feel alone. Write to share your journey. Write to ease another’s journey. Write to unite and care.