Five-Minute Friday: Worship

Carol BoveeI tried to do this in five minutes. I really did. After all, I’m a Christian woman who holds strongly to my faith. I base my work on my belief that we serve others, I raise my children through prayers that God will parent more strongly than either my husband or I do.

So I should be able to write about worship with a mere snap of my fingers.

However, I stalled.


My mind flew back to a Bible study I was in where they told me I needed to start each day with an uninterrupted hour of worship with God. I remember staying quiet as long as I could, and then telling the elderly study leader that I didn’t have an uninterrupted two minutes to go to the restroom without little hands shoving their fingers under the door, let alone an uninterrupted hour.

Another memory struggling to the forefront are the wonderful words of wisdom that visitors handed me while visiting Andrew and I during chemotherapy and resulting hospital visits; don’t forget to spend worship time with God each day. I remember my mind struggling with details and worry and when I opened the Bible, the words blurred and my brain absorbed nothing.

Over the years, working at a boarding school, even church was a place to work, as my husband was the principal during church as well as during school time. Relax and worship? Not as easy as it sounds.

How many church services was I able to sit through without interruption during the last 18 years of child-rearing? How many times had I started on my own personal worship time only to be stopped by somebody needing something from me?

Worship? I grabbed worship moments when I could manage a morning walk; I talked and walked with God. I seized the silence while hanging my laundry on the line in my back yard. I listened to praise songs on the way to the grocery store and sang with my kids at every opportunity. At night, when I tucked the kids into bed and listened to their prayers, my heart would overflow with gratitude and yes, relief. I stepped out onto the back deck at night, gazed at the stars and thanked God for my family. I helped kids learn how to lead praise services at church and watched with tears in my eyes when my daughter began singing up front like a pro. I search Bible verses on my iPad and God sends childhood memory verses into my head at random and odd moments.

So while I walked away from this theme this morning, I thought about it while I taught my class; while I cleaned my house and did my laundry. Suddenly, it was easy, and I’ve written this in 5 minutes! My idea of worship might not fit most people’s definition, but it works for me and my God. For me, worship means taking my heavenly Father with me everywhere I go and keeping Him in the middle of everything I do. It means leaving my eyes open in order to see His works. It means listening each moment I can, and loving the Lord with all my heart, all my souls and all my mind.


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  • Your definition of “worship” resonates well with me. I spend a few minutes each morning reading an inspirational devotional, but I always fight the guilt that comes with not spending more time alone in that structured routine. Like you, I’ve found that my relationship with God is much more meaningful and relevant as I take my heavenly Father with me everywhere I go and keeping Him in the middle of everything I do. An ongoing conversation keeps the relationship timely, relevant and alive.

    • It’s nice to know we’re not alone in that thinking, right? Maybe we can get rid of the guilt, realizing that our Father accepts us as we are and if we need to change, He’ll let us know! 🙂

  • I live in the same sort of world of worship. My life is a series of ‘MOM’ moments. Silence seldom reigns and my mind is filled with ten thousand to-do items from the moment I wake. I love when you said: ‘For me, worship means taking my heavenly Father with me everywhere I go and keeping Him in the middle of everything I do.’ That I can do. Even if He’s right there in the middle with me as my kids pull on my arms, ears and hearts. So glad I stopped by from FMF and (in)courage.
    ~Sarah from

    • Thanks, Sarah! I think this one is especially for moms, although I was thankful to hear from Duane that he had those thoughts too! God bless our little moments with Him as we raise our kids!

  • Mom

    You wrote that for me. I have always thought that way but could not put it in words. I used to think something was wrong with me for not spending that hour every morning early.

    • Praise the Lord! 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m sure. God’s love surpasses man’s time frames…we can depend upon it!